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Bloomberg are proud to support the Zoohackathon at ZSL London Zoo.


ZSL’s mission is to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.  Over 52% of the world’s wildlife has disappeared in the last 40 years. Our planet needs all the help it can get in turning this terrible decline around and ensuring wildlife is conserved for generations to come.  In recent years the impact of illegal wildlife trade on species around the world has reached unprecedented levels.

This trade, linked to global criminal gangs and terrorist groups is estimated to be worth over $10 billion annually and represents a threat to the very existence of species including rhinos, tigers, and elephants. Urgent action is needed to address this crisis, to help countries control poaching on the ground and effectively enforce laws against illegal wildlife trade, as well as to take steps to reduce the demand in consumer countries that are driving it.

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The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is working in collaboration with Bloomberg & U.S. Embassy London for the Zoohackathon to develop technological tools that will enable its conservationists (and others around the world) to better understand animals, their habitats and the threats they face to help protect our precious wildlife. Following the success of last year’s Zoohackathon, ZSL are working with the winning team to develop their solution, to be implemented in the field.

You can help by joining this year’s Zoohackathon at ZSL London Zoo to create ideas and solutions to ensure we reduce demand for illegal wildlife products and address law enforcement challenges.


Launch 18:00-20.30 Friday 6th October. Main event continues Saturday 7th October- 09.00-Sunday 8th October 16.00.


The Zoological Society of London/ZSL London Zoo, Regents Park, London, NW1 4RY,
Prince Albert Suite – Meet at the main Prince Albert Gate located on the outer circle.

We Will Provide:

Friday, October 6th: No food.
Saturday, October 7th: breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks and refreshments.
Sunday, October 8th: breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

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Find out more about ZSL's work for wildlife around the globe
The global Zoohackathon, a U.S. State Department Initiative (U.S. Governement) is organised in partnership with WildLabs. Join the discussion on WILDLABS.NET.